60 lb tub - $49


Equine Gold with garlic and larvicide


This Key-Lix Equine Gold Tub contains Rabon oral larvicide and Garlic pest repellent for maximum fly control! It is specifically formulated to fit the needs of most horses. Besides the direct benefits of supplementing, horses will become more feed efficient, saving you money on hay.

Equine Gold with garlic and larvicide 60 lb

SKU: 0006
Color: Black
  • money on hay.

    Analysis Equine Gold
    Crude Protein 14.0% min.
    Crude Fat 5.5% min.
    Crude Fiber 6.0% max.
    Calcium 1.6% min.
    Phosphorus 1.5% min.
    Magnesium 1.0% min.
    Salt 5.25% max.
    Potassium 2.0% min.
    Iodine 12 ppm min.
    Cobalt 5 ppm min.
    Copper 500 ppm min.
    Manganese 800 ppm min.
    Selenium 7.80 ppm min.
    Zinc 1,800 ppm min.
    Biotin 10 ppm min.
    Vitamin A 60,000 I.U./lb min
    Vitamin D 6,000 I.U./lb min
    Vitamin E 250 I.U./lb min