Breed Back Omega - 200 lb tub

Key-Lix Breed Back Omega is formulated with flaxseed that provides Omega 3 fatty acids for increased fertility and conception rates. Higher level of magnesium to help prevent grass tetany. Increased level of fat to help maintain and increase cow condition. Raised levels of Phosphorus, Vitamin A, D and E.

Breed Back Omega 200 lb

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  • Phosphorus, Vitamin A, D and E. 

    Analysis Dry Cow
    Crude Protein 12.0% min.
    Crude Fat 9.0% min.
    Crude Fiber 5.2% max.
    ADF 9.5% max.
    Calcium 1.6% min.
    Calcium 2.5% max.
    Phosphorus 3.0% min
    Magnesium 4.0% min
    Potassium 2.0% min.
    Iodine 20 ppm min.
    Cobalt 6 ppm min.
    Copper 600 ppm min.
    Manganese 2,400 ppm min.
    Selenium 8.80 ppm min.
    Zinc 2,400 ppm min.
    Vitamin A 120,000 I.U./lb min.
    Vitamin D 12,000 I.U./lb min.
    Vitamin E 800 I.U./lb min