20% SAF-MOS - 200 lb tub


Key-lix 20% SAF-MOS is fortified with natural prebiotic, Safmannan. The saf-mos tub, when used 90 days pre and post calving, provides extra digestive support, improved health, and development of the digestive tract. Healthier newborn calves, higher weaning weights and helps prevent scours. 


Key-lix 20% with BIO-MOS has a similar formula to our 20% tub. The difference is that Key-Lix with BIO-MOS is fortified with a natural prebiotic called Bio-MOS. The added Bio-MOS is especially beneficial to calves and freshening cows. Bio-MOS is added at the rate recommended by Altech (the manufacturer of Bio-MOS.)


20% SAF-MOS - 200 lb

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    Analysis 20% with BIO-MOS
    Crude Protein 20.0% min.
    Non-protein nitrogen equiv. 0.0% max.
    Crude Fat 5.0% min.
    Calcium 1.0% min.
    Phosphorus 1.0% min.
    Magnesium 1.0% min.
    Potassium 2.0% min.
    Iodine 9 ppm min.
    Cobalt 10 ppm min.
    Copper 400 ppm min.
    Manganese 570 ppm min.
    Selenium 7.80 ppm min.
    Zinc 1,200 ppm min.
    Vitamin A 80,000 I.U./lb min.
    Vitamin D 12,000 I.U./lb min.
    Vitamin E 52 I.U./lb min.