Rear Gate

The 1" steel pins automatically latch into the bottom frame of the trailer when the gates are slammed shut.

Construction Stage

At our plant during construction notice the 2.5" X 2.5" square tubing welded on all four sides (not just spot welded) into the frame.

These options are all standard on your Big Bend Trailer, when you are comparing prices to other manufacturers don't forget to see what is standard on their trailers and what these additional options will add to their base price!


Big Bend Trailer Standard Features

  • Lengths from 16' - 40' and widths from 5' - 8'. Axles come in single, double or triple. We can also build a 6' wide trailer on 5' wide axles, a 6'8" wide trailer on a 6' wide axles and a 7' wide trailer on 6'8" wide axles (all of these will have a fender on the inside of the trailer).

  • Available in full top, half top, or bow top

  • All trailers less than 28' long will come with a receiver hitch on the back of your trailer so you can pull another trailer or chute behind you.

  • Unique design for uncoupling of trailer latch from outside truck bed (no more climbing over & around the truck bed to unhook)

  • 3' access gate on front passenger side of trailer

  • 2 small swinging calf gates in the nose that can be locked

  • All center gates come with a sorting gate; center gates are supported when open or shut (not just bouncing up & down as you go over rough roads)

  • Rear butterfly gates can be slammed shut so heavy spring loaded pins on bottom of gate latch automatically into trailer frame (keeps you from getting the gates kicked back in your face). Rear gates can also be latched open to drag a critter into the trailer

  • On our 1/2 & 3/4 top trailers, the top rail has four lazy L's welded so a rope can be flipped over it to drag cattle into back of trailer

  • Exclusive non-rusting gap design on bottom for easy clean out

  • Wind resistant aerodynamic nose design makes trailer pull like it's not there

  • Bottom frame of trailer is built with 2 X 4 rectangle tubing and is much stronger than the normal gooseneck that uses angle-iron

  • Sides are built with solid steel and rectangle tubing so there are no places for water and manure to accumulate and rust out

  • Runners under floor are 2.5" X 2.5" square tubing welded solidly into the frame, no angle iron is used in the frame

  • 7000 lb EZ lube rubber torsion axles

  • 16" 10 ply (14 ply available) steel radial tires (load range E) with heavy duty 8 hole steel rims & lockable nose mounted spare

  • No exposed wires for brush country

  • All new orders come with LED lights and powder coated paint

  • Front bottom and front of brush fender is Rhino lined to prevent rocks from chipping paint


Available Options:

  • Swing slider on center or rear gate

  • Access gate on drive side

  • 3' tack room

  • 4' high sides

  • Roller pin option for rough country where your trailer may drag bottom

  • Tool box that fits under the brush fender

  • Customization for hauling a 4 wheeler

  • Sheep & Goat Customization